About Nana

About me- well I am Nana to 7 …YES 7, wonderful grandchildren. 2020 has been hard for many and this includes me. I have struggled at times with self-doubt, self-worth, and loneliness but hope has always come by the thoughts of tomorrow; it’s the promise of a better time and place. Having a hobby or developing an interest can be a lifesaver, My happy place is spending time with my family and teaching others. Oh, and walking my dog, my co-writer, Ruby. She is the best thing that happened to me in lockdown.

So why have I created this website?

After hours spent frittering my time away doing nothing in particular since the start of Covid in 2020, I needed to do something that I enjoy and help keep myself busy. So a new year and a new start, I created this website as a hobby. When I went to school there were no computers but that didn’t stop me from doing a computer science degree. I am actually quite good at this whole internet/web thing. In fact, many would always say that I would be first to find anything in this maze of information navigating the vastness of web content. I love being connected and surfing so it has finally dawned on me that everything I do has the web in there somewhere along the line!! For many, like me, it is currently one of the few windows to the world.

Brief Career Background

I am a computer science and SEN teacher in a mainstream school. In my time, I have taught ages 11-adult in various settings, schools, colleges, the work place and specialist centres to learn computer skills. My SEN specialism crosses all age ranges from 4-18. I understand the difficulties of accessing what you need to know and learn.

This site will be a journey for me. I will share websites that I have found to make money from your skills, useful sites I have used, things I have bought…. a kind of a one stop place for using the internet for daily life but with a focus on making money online.

Hopefully it will help others find useful and/or interesting things. To see everything, check out my blog page.

As this site grows and I add more content, get in touch with any suggestions that you want to see on here.