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Another of my favourite hobbies is to to buy things for my co-writer Ruby. I love her excitement when I get her a new ball or coat. I am sure I am not alone in this? Am I? I have tried many online pet shops and seeing the great offers on Zooplus.co.uk, you really can spoil your pets.

Ruby is my lockdown joy. Her desire to please, her bounciness, her loyalty is a source of real joy. I get up at 5.30am every day no matter what the weather to go out walking. However, in order to keep her in a lifestyle that she has quickly become accustomed to, I have to go out to work. Consequently, in order to combat her loneliness, I like to buy her puzzle toys, teddies and other goodies so that she has some fun while I am working. I have brilliant neighbours who come and keep her company too. Shopping for her has become a hobby.

Who are Zooplus?

Zooplus are a multi national online pet shop, founded in 1999. They cater for a wide variety of pets and offer the usual products that you would expect from any online retailer. Their products range from food, treats, beds, toys, accessories and more. Their prices are consistently low and what is even better, they have a customer loyalty programme.

ZooPoints Loyalty Scheme and Discounts

For every £1 you spend you get a zooPoint which you can use in their own reward store. If you are feeling generous, you can donate points to help a pet in need with a British charity. You do need about 100 zooPoints in order to get some treats so you do have to get spending, however if like me, you buy toys, food etc, it all soon adds up. Additionally, just for signing up to Zooplus, you get 333 zooPoints to get you started.

If you are buying for a charity or are a breeder, they will also give you a generous 8% discount on orders over £75.

All orders over £39 have free delivery too.

Tempting Exclusive Deals

At the time of writing they have huge discounts on dog coats. This may seem like an indulgence to some but for Ruby, a Greyhound, she needs to wear them. They also have some good discounts on quality pet foods so no lugging heavy bags from the supermarkets. They have their own exclusive product ranges, bulk purchase deals and special offers. 4 Rolls of dog poop bags are currently only £1.49, just the job!

Nana Knows Verdict

I love to spoil my dog, Ruby, so will buy her some new winter coats from Zooplus,co.uk. as their prices seem to be unbeatable. I think I will buy now for next winter. Let me know if you find anywhere cheaper. The only downside seems to be that I still have to shop elsewhere to buy by my usual flea and worm products. What will you find to spoil your pets on Zooplus.co.uk? Rated as great at Trustpilot, great prices; Nana Knows says give them a try. Let me know how you spoil your pets.

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