Sometimes nothing is ever Easy

Oh what a day…. I couldn’t sleep. Guess all this COVID business is preying on my subconscious mind. First job, log onto my PC. Sounds easy but I haven’t used it for over a year. For over an hour I sweated trying different possible password combinations but to no avail. Eventually I resorted to YouTube and ended up resetting the password by going into recovery mode and changing a few registry files. I felt like an accomplished hacker.

Great!! Now to upload some images and start selling them. images failed Alamy’s camera test. I thought my Canon hybrid would be good enough but sadly not so. Please comment if you can advise any reputable places to use, otherwise I am just going to have to spend the rest of my day Googling it.

I shall not give up!

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One thought on “Sometimes nothing is ever Easy

  1. Etsy is a good place – perhaps get some nice frames and post them. Don’t know if you don’t try!

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