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Before lockdown, I would never have dreamed of sending cards to my friends and family from an online store. Part of marking their special day would be choosing the perfect card. However, the lockdown has changed my opinion. I have used Moonpig lots of times over the past year to send greeting cards. Why did I choose Moonpig? Probably because of the catchy tune on their TV promotion that they did, Read on to find out why Nana is now a convert to this way of sending cards.

What is Moonpig?

Moonpig is an online store that primarily sells greeting cards but you can also add on gifts to your order. They have a card for every occasion you can think of so no more going from shop to shop to find the right one. Choose your card and follow the onscreen instructions to personalize it. You can upload images of your actual handwriting if you want to make it even more personalized. They really do have a great range of cards to choose from. when you have finished, preview your card and then follow the standard checkout process. They will offer to remind you next year if it is a birthday card that you have chosen.

Send Direct to your Recipient

I like that you can have it sent directly to your recipient. You might think I am a little silly for saying this but hear me out. Having bought larger cards before and sticking on a stamp from my purse, I was dismayed to find out that Royal Mail has different costs for different sizes. My recipient had to pay the excess to get it! Moonpig takes the guesswork out of this and you just select how you want it delivered (first class or second class). They will even deliver them abroad. No more queuing at a post office- bliss!

Use their App

Moonpig also has an app you can use but to be honest, I haven’t been successful with it. I had problems being able to complete the purchase of my personalized card. Maybe I should have reported this but I just use the website and have had no problems. You do get 20% off your first order by using the app. Let me know if this has worked for you.

More than Greetings Cards

If you are short of time. Moonpig also offer a range of gifts that you can send. From fresh flowers starting at £20 through to prosecco for £10. Feeling indulgent? Order their luxury gift box for £90! Each product description and the delivery costs are very clear. Their gifts range from:

  • food and drink
  • plants and flowers
  • home decor
  • kitchen accessories
  • home fragrance
  • soft furnishings
  • thank you gifts
  • Lego/Playmobil gifts
  • spa and nail polish gifts

Their range of gifts seems to have expanded since I last looked. I sent a chocolate gift box to a convalescing friend and she loved it.

Nana Knows Verdict

Nana says what’s not to like about sending greeting cards using Moonpig? They have never let me down. I love that you can have reminders if you need them so you won’t forget a card, the pricing, choice, personalization, and range of gifts are great too. The cost of sending the cards has never exceeded what I would have paid on the high street. I find it more convenient and it will be one of the things I will continue to use when lockdown is a distant memory.

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