Make Money using your Voice- Audiobooks

Make Money with your Voice sounds too good to be true but actually, this is a really good well-paid income stream. There are many areas you could explore in the world of making money with your voice. Whether you have singing skills, teaching skills or you just want speaking work, there is a world of opportunity out there. In this article, I will focus on a website called which allows you to make substantial money by recording your voice for audiobooks. ACX is a subsidiary of Audible.

Make Money Narrating AudioBooks

Firstly, you have to create an account and then submit some sample recordings. They do advise that you submit a wide range of samples so that authors can find you. You can negotiate your hourly rate and also ask for royalties from sales of the audiobook.

At the time of writing they had over 2000 titles looking for people to audition and the pay seems great.

What You Need To Get Started

In order to produce suitable recordings, you need to make sure that you have a suitable space, free from outdoor and background sounds- you do not want the sound of your dog barking in the background! You will need to have a good quality microphone, a computer with a large enough hard drive to save your work, software where you can edit your recordings such as Audacity ACX has produced a shopping wishlist for those starting out and you would have to invest a substantial amount but if this is going to be a main source of income it could be worth it. Help videos and tutorials are all on the site.

Skills Needed

Narrating audiobooks does require more than just having clear speech and the correct equipment. You do need to practise and develop the following reading skills;

  • Ability to read aloud clearly
  • Reading should be appropriate to the material being read.
  • Your reading should not be stilted and exaggerated.
  • You need to be able to read at a suitable pace and have a sense of timing.
  • Your reading should demonstrate self-confidence.
  • Can you pronounce words, especially unusual words, correctly?
  • You should be able to ‘bring the text alive’.
  • You must be able to convey the meaning of the text accurately as the author intended.

Nana Knows Verdict

Having researched this, I think the two main factors that would stop me are; set up expenses and technical know-how for producing a slick finished product. For someone with more time, this could be a great hobby that transforms into some great paid opportunities.

If you want to dip your toe in this field, it might be worth volunteering first to get some experience. is an example of an organization who play verbatim readings from magazines, newspapers, and the web for those who are blind, partially sighted, or have a reading disability. They also have some helpful information about the basic kit that you will need.

A final point to note and this is an important point; UK taxpayers may need to declare earnings from a hobby or business to HMRC. Don’t get caught out! If you are going to sell your skills, take my advice and keep accurate records of your earnings. HMRC will always advise on these matters.

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