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Success dear readers-SUCCESS! If you read my previous posts; I applied to sell my photos via without success. Refusing to accept defeat, I tried another site. accepted my trial photos and Voila- my confirmation email came today. Will this generate an income? If I try, I will find out. This weekend, I will upload some work. Follow my blog to see if I am successful. This is the link to see my photographs but allow me a little time to upload some. You can make money selling your photos.


So what is a stock photo site and why should you bother?

A stock photo site holds millions of images (in the case of, they also have music, and video) that people can buy to use on their websites and other promotional materials without worrying about copyright. There is a range of pricing plans for purchasing; ranging from various monthly subscription deals to downloading what you need on demand. They also have a 7-day free trial which seems like a really good deal.

How do you join? What is involved?

In order to become a depositphotos,com contributor the first thing you need to do is to create an account. Once created, choose the contributor link and the webpage will guide you step by step to become a publisher. You need to upload five .jpg files, vector images, music, or video sample files that you have created. Once submitted, the files will be reviewed and you will be contacted by email if you have passed their tests successfully. Details of their terms and conditions, file requirements, etc can be found by looking at the footer of their webpage and selecting the link to sell stock photos,

I used photos taken both with my Canon compact camera and my Canon hybrid camera. Both are fairly old and the images were taken with the automatic camera settings. Once submitted, it took 9 days to get my confirmation of success. (I uploaded on a Saturday so I think this is a pretty good response time).

When you have been accepted to become a contributor, you add a minimum of 8 keywords per image. I think this will take me time to do but I think the more I do the quicker I will get at this. Next, submit the images for review, and if approved, you start selling, ‘live’ on the site.

Nana Knows Verdict

You can make money selling your photos with They do not insist on high-quality camera gear like other sites but, in order to sell any, your photos have to be good and the subjects have to be in demand. You do need to submit your details for tax purposes when applying to so read here to find out the UK tax rules about making money from a hobby.

Uploading all my photographs is going to be time-consuming but as COVID has halted all my social life, the one commodity that I have in abundance is time. Wish me luck!

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