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Many people, during the lockdown, have turned their hand to a hobby. My son developed a love for making things out of wood. To date, this method has enabled him to buy more tools so he can continue his hobby. Previously I discussed how to sell these types of items on ETSY but this is a much simpler method. You really can make money selling on Instagram very quickly with no financial outlay.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social media platform where you can share photos and videos of what you are doing. It is hugely popular and –“Instagramming” is officially a verb now. There are now over a billion accounts. To get started you need to either go to their site on a desktop or download a free app on iOS, Android, and Windows devices. You can create several accounts so you can easily switch between your personal and business name without having to log out.

Your profile page is the main place where you can keep track of who you’re following and who’s following you and has all your posted photos and videos. It’s also where you can access your settings. 

It’s best to keep your username, profile picture, and bio up to date as your followers will look here first. Your profile picture appears with your username all over site wherever you post and comment, Your bio is a space where you can put a brief description of yourself or your brand. You can also add a link to your website, if applicable.

In a nutshell, you follow accounts that interest you. In turn, people follow you. People can “like” and comment on your posts, and you can do the same to their posts. With so many people on there you can see the power of creating an account and getting started.

The Power of Building a Brand

The key to building a brand is being authentic and that means showing your personal side. First I would create a logo using Canva. You can read my earlier post about what Canva is. Once, you have done this you are ready. With your logo, every time you post,, you have a memorable logo that stands out. You can also get some stickers made up so you can stick them on your finished products and packaging giving all that handle and see your products a link to you, the maker.

Post Often and Build Your Story

The key to quickly making money selling on Instagram is growing your following. Post as often as you can and develop your story. Include comments on your posts during your makes and then show off your finished pieces. Frequent posts will quickly build a following of like-minded people. Ask your followers if they like your choice of materials. Be excited and show the delivery of your materials as they arrive. Show details of the product being packaged and ready to send. In this way your followers know that your products are authentic and they are not only buying wonderful unique pieces but also feel good as they are supporting local craftspeople. Who doesn’t like to buy something and when it is admired by friends and family, are able to give a back story on its creation. It makes every piece special.

Engage with others

You do need to step outside of your comfort zone and seek out other creators and companies that have a link to your products. Engaging with your followers is also important. Ask their opinion about your makes. Share some personal details in the comment section. Instagram is brief so this doesn’t mean your life story but if could be a funny thing that happened to you today. This all helps to gain customer trust. If you get an order and have packaged it, post it on your page so you can share the excitement of sending off your item knowing it will be enjoyed by others. Share your excitement and joy of doing what you do.

Other ways to engage your followers and develop more are to have a give away if your followers like and comment. Reach out to people doing similar things by posting on their pictures. Compliment and offer helpful suggestions. They will then come and see what you are posting about. In the same way, go and follow established companies and make comments on their posts. For example you could send a product for free to a BBQ tool company and follow up later by asking if they enjoyed using your item. They may post your ‘gift’ on their page and give you a mention. Before you know it, your following will grow.

Nana Knows Verdict

Nana Knows says you can definitely make money selling on Instagram very quickly, with limited IT skills and effort. You do have to put some time into this by engaging with others as well as the time you need to create your pieces. The key to success is giving great customer service and ensuring that people who message you with orders are kept informed about time scales. Be honest and up front. If you have a recent life event that has slowed down your making, contact them straight away with a new time frame. Do not leave people waiting and wondering.

Selling on Instagram can quickly develop and before oyu know if you may have too many orders. Be prepared by telling your customers about time frames before taking their money. Maybe do special limited numbers of one type of product so when they are gone they are gone. After all this is your hobby and you don’t want to end up just being a production line.

If you start selling on a regular basis, note that UK taxpayers may need to declare earnings from a hobby or business to HMRC Don’t get caught out if you are going to sell your items! Take my advice and keep accurate records of your costs and sales from the beginning. HMRC will always advise on these matters.

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