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I love to craft things and I have devoted many an hour to creating something. I have enjoyed rug making, embroidery, cross-stitch, sewing; the list goes on. I usually stopped because although I enjoyed making, there comes a point where you say what do I do with the things I make? My youngest has recently started a woodworking hobby and has sold pieces via Instagram and his next step is Etsy. My friend used to love knitting and crochet but she just could not sell them locally. Now we have Etsy! Can you make money selling handmade, vintage, or items you have designed using Etsy? Nana Knows says YES. Read on to start your Etsy Career

What is Etsy?

Etsy is a well-known site that insists its sellers only sell unique and creative goods. On Etsy expect to find a whole range of individual goods that you can buy. Etsy began in 2005 and now has over 1 million active sellers. It is simple to sign up to begin selling your wares. They charge £0.14 for each listing and this listing can remain active for 4 months. If you make a sale, Etsy will charge a 5% transaction fee ( item price plus delivery charge) Finally, if you use Etsy‘s payment system you are charged a 4% plus £0.20 payment processing fee. Etsy can also advertise your goods through ads across the web. This across the web advertising is optional and you will be charged 15% on any sales achieved via this method.

It’s free to open an Etsy shop and dip your toe into the world of online selling. Additionally, they also offer a monthly subscription service where you have more tools such as shop customization and listing boosts at your fingertips.

Etsy Rules

In order to maintain their brand image, Etsy do have rules which sellers have to abide by. It is worth reading them carefully before you begin. Buyers are looking for unique and original goods so have this in mind when deciding what to sell. Consequently, Etsy’s seller rules are strict; all items must be handmade, vintage or designed by you. Descriptions need to be transparent and you have to clearly state if you are using any third-party production. In order to sell something as vintage, it must be over 20 years old. Finally, you can also sell craft supplies and party supplies.

You are not allowed to resell items on Etsy or any items on their prohibited list. You can also lose your listing fee if you break their rules. They are hot on customer service; prompt despatch and timely response to any messages from your buyers. Additionally, you have to respect privacy laws so make sure you know the basics about the laws where you live.

Seller Protection

Etsy have a Case System in order to resolve disputes. Firstly, before involving Etsy you should try to resolve the issue with your buyer however in life somethings just don’t go smoothly. Etsy will step in to resolve any issues. Caution, always ensure the your listing information is accurate because if it’s not, you will have to repfund your buyer (including postage costs).

You do need to frequently check your account with them as dispute messages must be responded to within 3 days. Etsy‘s support centre works 24/7 so you should be well supported by them as long as you have adhered to their seller standards.

What Products Sell Well?

Craft supply shops seem to be the biggest sellers but if you are a maker, jewelry seems to be a top seller. One simple necklace with a disk charm attached, selling for £11.72 had nearly 73000 sales! Wall Art and keyrings seem to have high volume sales too. I found some great dog coats for my co-writer!

Market your items on other sites with a link to your shop by using Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Make it easy for your buyers to find you. High traffic should generate high sales but make sure you can produce the goods in a timely fashion! Keep them happy with your products and service for repeat sales.

Nana Knows Verdict

Can you make money selling handmade, vintage, or items you have designed using Etsy? Nana Knows says YES but the amount you will make will depend on the items that you sell. It is a great way to have a hobby and sell your makes that your family may be fed up of receiving as gifts. You can also increase earnings by having your designs made by third parties so you can increase the volume of sales. I also think it is a great idea for crafting clubs to set up a joint shop and share in the profits from sales.

Check out my idea for selling products that you design without having to hold any stock using print-on-demand services.

If you start selling on a regular basis, note that UK taxpayers may need to declare earnings from a hobby or business to HMRC Don’t get caught out if you are going to sell your items! Take my advice and keep accurate records of your costs and sales from the beginning. HMRC will always advise on these matters.

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