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This week has been a none week really. Full of a head cold and feeling a bit sorry for myself. So what better way to spend some time? Watching Tiktok! One user posted about making money online using JustAnswer so I thought I would take a look. Can you make money online using JustAnswer? Read on to find out more.

What is JustAnswer?

JustAnswer is a site where you can get ‘expert’ help on most issues, 24/7, for a fee. This site aims to connect individuals with experts. Seeking face-to-face help is often costly and this site aims to give you a cheaper alternative. You can also seek second opinions on the site. Each expert is vetted to ensure that their credentials are correct. Andy Kurtzig created JustAnswer in 2003 as a means of providing a solution to those who need easy access to experts at an affordable price.

How to get expert answers

You type your question and sign up for the service. There are 2 ways of accessing the service: pay per question and monthly subscription. It appears from reading the TrustPilot reviews that many start with a low-cost 7-day trial which then progresses into a monthly subscription service whereby you become a member of the site. You can cancel this subscription at any time. Do read the terms and conditions here.

Your question is text-based and is not private so if anonymity is important to you do not use a user name that will identify you and do not include identifiable information in your question. You can use premium services such as phone calls, video calls, and more if you need more in-depth help. Check out the prices for each service before continuing as I could not find any readily available pricing information without submitting a question and signing up.

You can seek help in many areas such as

  • Legal advice
  • Medical advice
  • Veterinary advice
  • Car mechanics
  • Home improvement and appliances
  • Finance
  • Homework
  • Wellness
  • Pets
  • Engineering
  • Computers and electronics
  • Consumer electrics

As you can see this is quite an impressive list of experts which would cover most aspects of someone’s daily life. Hover do note point 8 of their terms and conditions;

8. Information Not Advice; No Client-Professional Relationship

Answers of Experts on the Site are provided by Experts and are to be used by Customers for general information purposes only, not as a substitute for in-person evaluation or specific professional (medical, legal, veterinary, tax, financial, etc.) advice. 

Terms of service | JustAnswer

How Do you Make Money?

Firstly, sign up to become an expert. You need to supply identification and relevant certification. You must have relevant certification for our field or years of working in a specialty. Your credentials are verified by a third party for JustAnswer and it may take 2-3 weeks to complete this process. Once approved, you will then have access to the tools needed to be able to answer the questions as they come in.

Customers rate your answers and in order to be paid, you need to receive a positive review of your answer. You can choose the hours that you work and the questions that you answer. The site states expert payments are monthly via PayPal.

JustAnswer uses secret shoppers, peer reviews of your answers, an advisory board and a quality algorithm in order to ensure a quality service for its customers. To succeed, you need to be able to not only give good advice but also demonstrate great customer service skills.

Headline banners on the sign-up page suggest earning between $2000 and $7000 per month. However, I could not find how many hours and the type of work you need to do in order to generate this kind of income.

Nana Knows Verdict

At first glance, this looks like a great way to make money online using JustAnswer by becoming an expert. TrustPilot gives them a rating of excellent with over 6000 user reviews so clearly there is a market for this type of ‘expert’ help.

However, I have concerns that you cannot find out the rates of pay or pricing structures easily on the site. TrustPilot negative reviews and responses by JustAnswer make interesting reading.

If you successfully work for JustAnswer as an expert, make a comment about your pay rate and other useful information such as how many hours you do to achieve this?

Final comment: Nana Knows prefers pricing and pay rates to be clear and easy to find. What do you think?

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