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What a week I have had. It’s my Easter break but so far it has been very busy helping my mum to organize work on her house and trying to find somewhere to get her 2nd COVID vaccine. Anyway, following on from my last post about using Instagram to sell your makes; it makes sense to reuse your images and ideas on Youtube. After all you have already done a lot of the groundwork. With over 2 billion YouTube viewers, you can make money online by creating how-to videos. Read on to find out how.

Starting Out

The key to success is posting frequently and displaying your passion about whatever it is your videos are about. You could post short videos on tools that you use, the stages of your makes, customer engagement, etc. You are aiming to create content that people want to watch and that will add value to their lives. I know that YouTube is my favorite site if I want to learn how to fix or create something around the house. In fact many YouTube users are doing just this.

In addition to posting frequently, it is a good idea to interact with other users and the people who may post comments on your videos.

When signing up for a YouTube account also, read the terms and conditions for monetizing your channel so you can ensure you meet the YouTube Partner Programme eligibility criteria as your channel grows. Plan your videos, write a script or sketch out a plan so you don’t need to keep reshooting! Clear all clutter away both on-screen if recording your screen and off-screen if you are shooting live videos. Try to avoid sitting in a window if shooting a live video as you can appear to be washed out! The key is don’t worry about perfection. People are looking for authenticity and usefulness.

Equipment needed

You could use your still photographs from your Instagram account to create your videos. If you are shy about speaking, you can add captions to your photos. Camtasia is an easy-to-use screen recording program that will allow you to do this. However, if you want to be the star of your video, you can create content using your mobile phone camera and upload it. To begin with, a phone is all you will need. Pay attention to lighting, background, and any noise.

As you progress you may want to invest in a microphone, some decent lighting and maybe even a better camera to shoot your videos. A word of caution, check who and what it is in your background when recording yourself. This could save you from any embarrassment!

YouTube Partner Programme

Channels with more than1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours can apply to the YouTube Partner Programme. This will allow you to begin to seriously monetize your channel in its own right rather than just getting in touch with you to buy your products. There are several benefits to applying to this program:

Nana Knows Verdict

Making How-To videos is a low-cost way you can earn money online using YouTube. You may never aspire to join the YouTube Partner Programme and just want to sell some of your makes and this is an easy way to do this. Simply direct your audience to place orders via your email address. The key to success is posting frequently, adding some value to your audience and engaging with others. If you have plans to grow your channel, do not expect overnight success. It takes time to build a following. Nana says give it a go!

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