Make Money being a Professional Cuddle Therapist

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Recent media iseems to have had many mentions of hugging as COVID levels dwindle. Let’s hope we continue on this path! So it is with hope in mind, I have written this article. Holistic therapies are very popular and as more of society opens up, people once again may start seeking the support offered by these services. You could make money being a professional cuddle therapist!

Cuddle therapy has many cited health benefits. Claimed benefits range from relieving stress, lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, boosting your immune system, and aiding sleep. How do you make money being a professional cuddle therapist? Firstly, if you are considering this, always take your personal safety into account. Furthermore, follow the current COVID rules.

Read on to find out more and Nana Knows Verdict.

Safety First

There are several companies operating worldwide that offer cuddle therapy. The ones I found are and the other is a UK-based site; cuddle professionals. and cuddle professionals are very clear about what is on offer and the professional, platonic nature of the service. All bookings via are easily completed via their website. I like that they can monitor conversations with clients online and hopefully this will deter the wrong kind of client.You only give your phone details once a booking has been made.


This is good advice but I would be very wary of meeting anyone in private for this service so maybe hire a room in a holistic therapy centre. These are safety tips taken from the site;

“…it is wise to be careful. If someone raises red flags for you, go with your intuition and decline to cuddle with them. General safety tips: take some time getting to know the other person; discuss boundaries and expectations before cuddling; meet publicly first; maybe let a friend know where you are (and check in with them afterward); avoid relying on other people for transport home unless you know them already.”

Frequently Asked Questions — Cuddle Comfort

The cuddle therapists on cuddle professionals have their contact details on the website for anyone to view without signing up. However, all their professional cuddle therapists have completed training that includes safety and security.

Both sites have a client contract so ensure it is understood. Cuddle professionals insist on insurance but do read and check what is covered.

Becoming a Cuddle Therapist

A cuddle therapist is more than just giving someone a bear hug!

Cuddle professionals insist you successfully complete their training course which currently costs £75 before you can advertise your services on their site. This training course includes;

CPI’s Ethical Touch ProtocolsTM:The Psychology and Physiology of Touch, Touch and Healing: Boundaries and Consent: Safety and Security: Client Contracts: Business Marketing and Promotion: Cuddle Positions Video

Cuddle Professionals International Certified Diploma Course (

They also insist on insurance which they provide for a further fee. You pay £45 per year to keep your membership active. Cuddle professionals seem to market themselves more as a type of therapy and their professional cuddlers advertise as cuddle therapists. does not offer training so has no upfront costs but you pay a 15% commission on every booking. In return for their commission fee, you can advertise on their site, secure in the knowledge that members have signed up looking for this specific therapy

Before signing up to, or cuddle professionals be sure to read all the rules and their terms and conditions. With, to become a professional cuddler, you have to meet their basic person specification.

  • Have a photo of yourself
  • Willingness to be affectionate to anyone.
  • You are accepting of all races, ages (18+), genders, and sexual orientations.
  • Are reliable with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • You understand and agree to the Cuddler Contract.

Cuddle professionals also have similar but more detailed criteria. Additionally, they state that you should have an empathic, non-judgmental personality and an interest in holistic therapies and healing.

Nana Knows Verdict

Nana would personally prefer to cuddle my grandchildren or Ruby, my dog as I would hate to cuddle or hug a stranger despite the cited health benefits. Many people may not have these options and sometimes a hug is just what you need. Although you can make money being a professional cuddle therapist, you need to be concerned about the safety aspects and maintaining professional boundaries. Consider where you can work safely; how you will travel; who will know where you are etc.

Nana Knows thinks that this isn’t a service you should just set up without giving it a lot of thought. Maybe contact other cuddle therapists to find out more? Would you consider offering or using such a therapy? Please comment and let me know.

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