Legally Buy Stolen Goods

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Well, I never! This week, while searching on the web, I found out you can actually legally buy stolen goods! Apparently, many police forces sell via auction sites. Make a winning bid and it’s yours. Read on to find out how.

Which Auction sites?

There are three main ways to get your hands on the goods. Firstly a site called Bumblebee Auctions. To buy from this site, you need to be a registered member and also have a Nochex Account so you can make payments. Having not come across Nochex before, I think I will do a review another day. Basically, they are a payment processing site. You need to collect your good from the Police Station selling them so make sure you bid on something that you can easily collect.

The second way to get your hands on some goodies is via Ebay. Yes, you read this correctly. Several police forces now have an online Ebay shop. Cheshire, Nottinghamshire, Thames Valley, Leicestershire, Sussex, and Devon and Cornwall Forces all have a presence here. I checked out Thames Valley and they had a range of items that need collecting from Milton Keynes.

Finally, some police forces still sell through more traditional auction houses where you normally turn up in person (non-Covid times) but currently are accepting online bidding and some offer a postal service. Simon Charles Auctioneers is such an example. I couldn’t see on this site whether any good originated from a Police Force sale. Here you paid standard shipping rates and could for a fee arrange collection by your own courier. They also have additional fees of 18.5% + VAT buyers premium, all lots sold online are subject to 5% + VAT internet fee, all lots unless otherwise specified are subject to 20% VAT on the hammer price of the item.

What Items are Available?

Bumblebee Auctions didn’t have an awful lot on there but they did have a Bosch Palm Router and the current bid was only £10.50. This does seem cheap for such a tool when the RRP is over £100. Electric Scooter anyone? Current bid £73.88 and depending on the model the RRP is from £249.

Thames Valley Ebay shop had quite a range of goods on offer; FatFace blouses, babygrows, make-up, etc with starting bids at 99p. They had a Moncler Plesy Leather Down Jacket with a current bid of £32. This looks like a real bargain for this brand name but sadly it’s a small size so even if I breathe in, it won’t fit.

I did take a look at Simon Charles Auctioneers and they had loads of good available. Lawnmowers with a starting bid of £1, a Magimix Expresso machine, starting bid £1. It looks like there are some great bargains to be had. Remember to add on postage and buying fees.

Nana Knows Verdict

Nana Knows thinks this is a great way to source some goods cheaply that you can then sell on for a profit or even keep the goodies for yourself. After doing my research, you now know that you really can legally buy stolen goods.

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