How to Make Money on Fiverr-Setting up a Website

How to make money on Fiverr by either selling your skills or hiring someone to set up your website; I wish I had hired someone to do the latter. This website started on the whim of needing to fill my time during the pandemic.

WordPress offered a free website builder but I quickly wanted to own my own domain and learn some new skills. Learning new skills has kept me very busy during January but it has also been a steep learning curve. Many social media sites say ‘create a landing page in 30 minutes’ etc but in reality, it takes much, much longer. With WordPress, there are essential plugins you need and as a ‘newbie’ this all takes research. Just working out spam settings on the plugin I purchased is almost a full-time job, never mind the security plugin, speed optimizers, image compression…the list goes on.

I have watched lots of Youtube videos and 2 websites that I have found very useful; Neil Patel and WPBeginner. If anyone reading this can help me sort my speed optimization, please do get in touch.

Fiverr Website Building

Maybe one day when I become a seasoned website building professional (haha), I will sell my services on Fiverr. If you want someone to set it all up for you so you can just enjoy blogging, creating, and selling; Fiverr may be your salvation.

Firstly, you can decide on a domain name (read my blog on the pitfalls) and generate some ideas about website brandings. Fiverrr freelancers will happily build you a logo for your site with prices starting at £3.83. This price is accessible for all, even the hobbyists amongst us. I did create a logo using online software but even that took time. It’s not a 30-minute job!

Now you have your ideas, purpose, logo- find someone to build it for you. Search for full website building for WordPress. Here, I found the first in the list of freelancers, offering their services for £3.83. Why oh why did I not research this earlier? This freelancer has 5-star reviews, provides a basic setup, and will get you up and running in a jiffy.

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Need E-Commerce Setup?

It will cost you more (but not much more), but there are lots of freelancers who will set up an e-commerce website from scratch. Then you can sell your products and services quickly. I found a level 2 freelancer who has 5-star reviews and 16 orders pending. He will set you up from scratch and provide e-commerce functionality. The freelancer promises a professional finish, a 2-day turnaround, unlimited revision and continued support, and a Money-Back Guarantee!! What more can you want?

Further Down the Line

So now you have your site up and running but its slow, there are bugs, its all too much. Never fear Fiverr is here and there are freelancers who will quickly fix your site and have it running well in no time. Is your site slow like mine, well for £7.66, I found someone who will speed it up. Again, 5-star reviews and great feedback. Site speed is especially important if you are selling products so I think this would be a worthwhile investment. After all, this is the price of a couple of coffees!

Nana Knows Verdict

I haven’t enlisted these services as I wanted a challenge and wanted to learn. If you just want to be a creator or seller; just doing what you do best, then for the cost, I would advise hiring a Fiverr Freelancer. If you have the skills to help others, then there is clearly a market for you to sell your skills. The Freelancers that I looked at, all had people in their queue, waiting for the service.

Your time is money so Nana Knows says hire, hire, hire.

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