How to Choose a House Removal Company

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Moving might not be the best thing to do in the middle of a pandemic but moving is what my mum did. How did we choose a house removal company for a long-distance move? Mum is getting on in years and this was a big move. As moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, it is important that you can trust the company you choose and be assured that they will treat your possessions with respect. It was important to have a company that would take away the stresses of moving.

British Association of Removers

Firstly it is worth checking whether the companies giving quotes have a membership to the British Association of Removers. This protects your upfront payments should the company go bust. A must-have in these uncertain times. Also, should you end up in any disputes, you can use their dispute resolution service. Its reassuring to know that you have an independent 3rd party who will help resolve any issues. Finally, you can be assured that any company has to adhere to a stringent code of practice. Companies with BAR membership are check regularly to ensure that they still meet this code. Not only does this mean that they should handle your possessions carefully but all quotes should be accurate with no hidden add-ons.

Excellent Customer Service is Vital

I got 3 quotes for the move. The difference, however, in customer service was striking. Customer service ranged from; indifferent, (I almost felt like they were doing me a favour) through to the best who seemed genuinely interested in helping make the move hassle-free. Each one of the companies had to visit the house to enable them to give an accurate quote. All offered to do this via video link but my mum couldn’t do this. All the companies agreed to a home visit but only one made us feel that this wasn’t a hassle for them and explained COVID precautions.

Secondly, will they assign a named office contact for the duration of the move? Having one person who fully understands your requirements from the initial quote to the end is invaluable. One company had to come out twice to quote as they had not listed all that needed moving.

Kindness and patience costs nothing and one company knew this. Their moving manager was on the end of the phone explaining paperwork, insurances, prices, and what the next steps were. Quotes will contain lots of add ons such as extra insurance cover, late key cover, damage to property cover. The extra insurance cover was £££ but Pickfords saved us from buying this as they told us to check with our home insurance cover to see if it was needed.

Key Questions

  • Do you need all the extra add-ons such as insurance, late key collection, etc?
  • Was the person doing the quote thorough? (We had one company who had to visit twice to finalize the quote)
  • Will you get a named move manager who deals with you from start to finish?
  • Does your home insurance policy cover goods in transit?
  • Will the company drop off and then collect all the unused packing materials?
  • How will they pack your goods if you have chosen a packing service?
  • What will happen on the day?
  • Do they offer a variety of packing services?
  • If something gets broken, how do you claim?

Nana Knows Verdict

I hope this has helped you to choose a house removal company. Clear explanations of the services on offer and other extras are vital to selecting only what you need and keeping the costs down. We chose Pickfords in the end and we even got a courtesy call a week after the move to check we were happy. Who made that call? The named moving manager! She also seemed genuinely interested in how it all went. Pickfords were not the cheapest; this was a local removal company. However, they instilled the most confidence and I can genuinely say, made the move as stress-free as possible. Customer service, friendliness, and politeness were seen from the person who came to quote through to the people actually doing the removal. Pickfords patience and customer service were excellent.

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