Domain Names- How to choose one -Wisely!

Domain name disaster story. This blog starts with how not to choose a domain name. My message to anyone reading this, please do choose one wisely. Firstly, in a flash of inspiration, I conjured up a domain name. However, I spent very little time investigating its suitability. How lucky am I, managing to get the .com version without any special characters in the name?


Next, I excitedly found a website hosting company and registered the name. Now to start building! I had fun creating blog pages, learning how to upload pictures. Until…I shared my website URL with family members. You see, when typing the URL they carelessly missed off an s….a simple letter s…. and all Google produced were some sites of ill repute. Oh, my! Finally, to increase my embarrassment, the term I chose was actually a particular facet of that industry!

How to correctly Choose a Domain Name

First, try to think of a name that could be brandable and memorable. Readers need to be able to remember it, pronounce,e and type it easily.

Then consider what domain name extension you might like; .com, This website, domainnamestat. com, has information on the most popular extensions to choose from.

Finally, use Google or other such sites and try out misspellings of the name, making it plural or singular to see what may come up for the reader if they make a mistake.

Check if it has been trademarked or associated with any other brands too. After all, you need to think of longevity. Your site will be a success!

I still proudly own the other domain name but it shall remain unused. My mistake cost me the following; embarrassment, the cost of a new domain, and, of course, several hours of work ensuring none of my pages had reference to the former name. Oh and the time spent creating a new logo.

My mind still recoils at the shame of a hastily written email to my host’s support department asking them to refrain from laughing and passing judgment but could they change my website over to my newly purchased domain. I have to say that despite the late email, they changed it within half an hour. has actually been amazing at answering all my queries and resolving them quickly. They have shown complete patience and professionalism.

I hope my mistakes, documented here, enable you to consider the importance of choosing a domain name wisely.

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