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my web searches this week have led me to review Clickworker as a potential for those in the UK to earn some money. This is not a site where you can expect to replace a full-time income but you can earn some money to supplement an income or pension. Read on to find out more.

What is Clickworker?

Clickworker is a site where you can earn money by, creating or correcting texts, participating in surveys, or searching and categorizing data, and more. Currently, there are over 2 million Clickworkers worldwide working on projects. You use your own computing equipment and create your own schedule using a standard web browser to complete tasks. This is freelance employment and pay is per job. Most tasks are part of larger, more complex, projects.

The Sign-Up Process

In order to work for them, you need to sign up for a free account. You do need to complete a profile supplying details of your qualifications, work experience, language, and interests. This enables Clickworker to make available appropriate projects. Furthermore, the work is varied so even if you have no formal qualifications or experience, you can still sign up.

Once signed up you can begin work. Some of the jobs require you to take an assessment to determine if you have the necessary skills for the job. Plagiarism is strictly no no and your account can be closed if you have plagiarized material.

Clickworker also has quality checks in place and will return work if it contains lots of errors and your fee will not be paid. Opportunities are given to correct your work but you must heed the feedback. Clickerworkers have a rating score calculated as an average of their last 25 jobs.

Other Work Opportunities

Signing up to Clickworker gives you access to UHRS jobs. UHRS stands for “Universal Human Relevant System” and is a separate website that offers micro-jobs. You are paid via your Clickworker account.


You will see your fees credited to your Clickworker account balance immediately after the job has been completed. Clickworker job payments are normally processed in 7 days unless otherwise stated. UHRS are payable after 28 days. You need to have more that 5 Euros for Paypal payments or more than 10 Euros for bank account payments.

Nana Knows Verdict

Reading around it does seem that there are many satisfied workers however the TrustPilot score is poor. It seems many are unhappy with the payment process which can be stopped if there are any discrepancies with your IP address, Paypal details etc. Nana Knows would advise validating you Clickworker account by clicking on the email they send. Make sure you enter your payment details correctly and that when choosing Paypal it is a verified account. Try completing several jobs and collecting payment. Let Nana know how you get on.

If you start working, note that UK taxpayers may need to declare earnings from a hobby or business to HMRC Don’t get caught out! Take my advice and keep accurate records of your earnings from the beginning. HMRC will always advise on these matters.

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