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It was my birthday last month and one of my gifts was an AeroPress. AeroPress is a coffee maker that brews coffee and gives a smooth-tasting coffee each time. Having used it for several weeks, I thought I would share the joy of owning it. Read on to find out more.

What is it?

Aeropress Coffee Maker
Aeropress Coffee Maker

AeroPress is a simple to use mechanical small coffee maker that produces a great cup of coffee in 20 seconds. No electricity needed. It really is simple to use and comes with 350 filters. Place a filter into the bottom section, add the coffee, fill the tube with hot water. Finally, give it a stir and press the plunger down. The AeroPress is free of phthalates and BPA. It comes with a scoop so you can correctly measure your coffee and a funnel so there is no mess putting the grounds into the tube. Additionally, you get a stirrer so there is no chance that you will tear the filter.


Even better, there is no mess when cleaning it. Unlock the bottom section, and the grounds and filter drop cleanly into your compost bin. Rinse everything under the tap and you are good to go again.


With plenty (350) of filters included, you can make many cups of coffee before needing to buy more. The filters can be purchased directly from AeroPress at a cost of £7.00 per pack of 350. currently, they have an offer to buy 2 packs and get free shipping. If you are an Amazon fan, you can buy them for £5.99. AeroPress do say you can reuse the filters ‘dozens’ of times. I will have to try this,

Don’t like the idea of disposable filters (although you can compost them)? Buy the KOFFI ® DISC – Metal Filter for AeroPress which is currently on sale for £6.99 on Amazon. AeroPress only endorse the use of paper filters though.


You can grind your own coffee or buy a packet. AeroPress recommends you use a fine drip or espresso grind. This is because espresso grind makes a richer brew more quickly due to more particle surface area. However, it does take longer to press and requires skill and patience for multiple scoops. I had great success using shop-bought ready ground coffee labeled suitable for use with filters.

The speed that the water seeps through into your cup depends on the grind of your coffee, a coarse grind will allow water to pass through easier than a fine grind.

The AeroPress will make the same amount and strength of coffee from a given amount of coffee as other coffee makers.

Nana Knows Verdict

This product gets a full 5-star review from over 6000 users. Nana Knows used Costa Coffee grounds and it was delicious. A really smooth-tasting cup of coffee! No bitterness at all. It’s also lightweight and easily portable so easy to take to the office or for when you travel. I love that it is small and compact so great if you are short of space in the kitchen. It also has a one-year guarantee so you really should have no concerns about getting one.

It is also versatile and using an inverse plunge method, you can also brew tea. I am going to try this today.

There is even a World Aeropress Championship competition where you can compete in local events. Nana hasn’t used her coffee machine since she got it so it must be good. AeroPress really does make great coffee.

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